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bullet RobFergo
14 Jul : 10:58
Liver Drummers class in Liverpool. Contact Rob on 07835423839 or email LiverDrummers@hotmail.com

bullet suzie5609
30 Apr : 17:30
Hi, does anyone know of djembe lessons in the Pembrokeshire area of Wales? I took lessons in India and am keen to pursue

bullet Iris Vera Utrilla
11 Apr : 10:25
Hello, I am looking for a good teacher/classes in North London. Does anyone know about someone? Thanks!

bullet ivita
13 May : 15:03
hello - does anyone know of a good teacher / good classes in London?

bullet johndrummercoach
29 Dec : 22:46
Hi there! If you're in Bagshot, would Farnham be a reasonable distance for you to travel? I give small group drumcircles. And even some latin percussion to boot if enough people want it.


John Overton
07780 195848

bullet johndrummercoach
29 Dec : 22:44
I'm running djembe and latin percussion workshops in Wrecclesham, near Farnham from January onward.
£10 per session for the regulars and £12 if you're dropping in.
Call John on 07780 195848.
Please bring own djembe / other percussion instrument.

bullet odita
20 Oct : 21:58
Djembe group Liverpool.
Wednesday evenings.

bullet Jayne
27 Sep : 15:41
After having drummed in the beautiful Spanish Hills with my bro, I returned and bought myself a djembe drum! I am in Bagshot, Surrey and would love to jam and learn with others in the local area! Anyone interested and local to me then please do get in touch!

bullet terryl
19 Sep : 14:08
Anyone know where i can buy a decent djembe drum ...i'm in Romford in essex..

bullet stickybuddy
18 Sep : 15:29
Jembe & Doundoun classes Brentford Boating Arch under Kew Bridge (arches on North side W4 3NQ) opposite train station; many buses 237, 267, etc; parking in Strand on the Green.
Time: 7.30pm to 9.30pm. Same price: £7.50 + £2.50 drum-hire.
Great location by the river. Come & play. Tell your friends. Best wishes, Lu

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