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bullet petedrum
10 Jan : 13:18
Seeking intermediate level djembe drummers in Shropshire near Shrewsbury, to play, share, learn together. No time wasters please. thedrumcoach

bullet petedrum
08 Jan : 18:05
Hi, I'm moving away from Sussex and Kent area and wondered if there was a good djembe teacher in West Kent area who could take over my two active drum workshop groups. One is in Hadlow, the other is in Westerham. please email me asap. Thx, Peter - thedrumcoach

bullet RobFergo
14 Jul : 09:58
Liver Drummers class in Liverpool. Contact Rob on 07835423839 or email LiverDrummers@hotmail.com

bullet suzie5609
30 Apr : 16:30
Hi, does anyone know of djembe lessons in the Pembrokeshire area of Wales? I took lessons in India and am keen to pursue

bullet Iris Vera Utrilla
11 Apr : 09:25
Hello, I am looking for a good teacher/classes in North London. Does anyone know about someone? Thanks!

bullet ivita
13 May : 14:03
hello - does anyone know of a good teacher / good classes in London?

bullet johndrummercoach
29 Dec : 22:46
Hi there! If you're in Bagshot, would Farnham be a reasonable distance for you to travel? I give small group drumcircles. And even some latin percussion to boot if enough people want it.


John Overton
07780 195848

bullet johndrummercoach
29 Dec : 22:44
I'm running djembe and latin percussion workshops in Wrecclesham, near Farnham from January onward.
£10 per session for the regulars and £12 if you're dropping in.
Call John on 07780 195848.
Please bring own djembe / other percussion instrument.

bullet odita
20 Oct : 20:58
Djembe group Liverpool.
Wednesday evenings.

bullet Jayne
27 Sep : 14:41
After having drummed in the beautiful Spanish Hills with my bro, I returned and bought myself a djembe drum! I am in Bagshot, Surrey and would love to jam and learn with others in the local area! Anyone interested and local to me then please do get in touch!

This is a new website for the djembe community in the UK and beyond and is updated frequently. If you have any news of djembe workshops, African music performances, tips or questions on djembe tuning, djembe building, skinning, have a djembe for sale, or anything djembe or dunun related, you may submit or view the information by following the links.

Coming soon free email YOURNAME@djembe.co.uk

There are places left for the workshops on Sundays in May with Baba Kone
Admin on Tuesday 26 April 2005 - 19:33:10
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Admin on Tuesday 26 April 2005 - 19:22:01
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MAMADY KEITA WEEKEND 2005 is on its' way!
Admin on Tuesday 26 April 2005 - 19:11:05
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Workshops in Penzance and Truro in Cornwall
just to let you know that the following classes are happening in Penzance and Truro in Cornwall

Thursdays 6.30 - 8.30pm
Beginners West African drumming (second half of class joins in with improvers session
Djembe and djundjun, traditional Mandinka rhythms
Methodist Church, Chapel Street, Penzance

Thursdays 7.30 -9pm
Improvers West African drumming
Djembe and djundjun, traditional Mandinka rhythms
Methodist Church, Chapel Street, Penzance

Tuesdays from 12th April to 21st June 7-9pm
Djembe and djundjun, traditional West AFrican drumming
Baptist Church, Chapel Hill, Truro

For all sessions, tutor is Amanda Pickering of BoumBoum Drum Workshops. Amanda has trained extensively with West African teachers in this country and in West Africa, including Seckou Keita, Mamady Keita, Malo Sonko, Famoudou Konate. She has ten years experience of performance and teaching in a wide variety of settings, and will teach the traditional rhythms with their cultural background, to give an appreciation of the importance of music in Mandinka culture. Drums available to play at class.

lease contact Amanda for more information, on 01736 350469, or at boumboum@boumboum.co.uk.

thanks, everyone, I'd appreciate if you could spread the word..

Admin on Sunday 20 March 2005 - 18:01:00
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Famoudou Konate workshop list

Workshops Famoudou Konaté 2005 / 2006

Switzerland.gif June 10-12 2005 ::: Mark Egg, Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Switzerland.gif June 17-19 2005 ::: Markus Maggiori, Zürich, Switzerland

Sweden.gif June 27-July 2 2005 ::: Reine Steen, Österlens folkhögskola, Tomelilla, Sweden, www.osterlen.fhsk.se. For more information please e-mail rs@osterlen.fhsk.se

France.gif July 18-24 2005 ::: Arnaud Dubroca, Poitiers, France

August 13-19 2005 ::: Body & Soul, Bamberg, Germany (advanced players)

Germany.gif August 20-26 2005 ::: Body & Soul, Bamberg, Germany (advanced players)

Germany.gif August 27-September 2 2005 ::: Body & Soul, Bamberg, Germany (advanced beginners)

Germany.gif September 23-25 2005 ::: Afroton, Frankfurt/M, Germany

Germany.gif October 4-7 2005 ::: Universität der Künste, Berlin, Germany (UdK students only)

Guinea.gif January 14-February 11 2006 ::: Workshop in Conakry with trip to Sangbarala, Guinea

more information: mail@famoudoukonate.com


Admin on Monday 28 February 2005 - 22:25:02
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